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All our photos are with Panasonic cameras

WWII Aviator interviews

Les Williams

Jack Burke

Burt Newmark

Willi Kriessmann

Chuck Yeager

Bill Getz

Bud Anderson



Current Military Aviation 

USCG C-130 Hercules Pilots

USCG LTJG Matt Kroll

Ray Dagley & Paul Johnson

"Rock" Hudson

 Che Barnes

"Moose" Marusceac

Frank Weisser

Steven Robertson

"Huggy" Huggins

Joe "Rifle" Shetterly

Captain Dibble


Airshow pilots and cool people

Vicky Benzing

Kerosene Cowboys

Melissa Pemberton

Eddie Andreini

Greg Colyer

Jason Somes

Tim Decker

Dan Buchanan

Will Whiteside

Greg Poe

Willie Turner

Nino Amarena

Chuck Wentworth

Larry Perkins

The Quaid Boys

Jacquie Warda

Dan Martin

Mike Goulian

"Wilbur" Wright

Steve Hinton Jr.

Elliot Seguin



My Airshow and cool stuff reviews

Helifest 2011

Golden West 2011

Hollister Airshow 2011

Dream Machines 2011

CJAA Jet blast 2011

Coast Guard Island Alameda

Golden West

Chico Airfest

Chico 2010

Lincoln Airport Day

Reno Air Races

Wings Over Wine Country 2010

Wings over Wine Country

Pacific coast dream machines 2010

Pacific Coast Dream Machines

Collings Foundation


Hiller Vertical Challenge 2010

Hiller Vertical Challenge

Yak Attack



CJAA Jet Blast

Reno Air Races 2010

Reno Race '09

CA Capital

Lincoln '09

Madera 2010

Golden West 2010



Other adventures, photos, and stuff 

Let's Go To The Reno Air Races

Sanders Aeronautics

Super Stearman


pancho barnes

1st Aero Squadron

AirSHow Evolution

Time Travel

TIMING is everything


Planes of Fame

Travis Air Museum

Zero vs. Hellcat


Tim's Adventures

Favorite Airplanes


Build A Plane


Young Eagles

Mesa Cessna

Fighter Combat


Audio Clips

Audio Clips #2

Audio Clips #3






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